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The National Association of Property Tax Attorneys is a nonprofit organization of ad valorem tax and property tax attorneys throughout the United States who are committed to increasing awareness and understanding about property tax issues, educating the public about this specialized area of law and uniting competent tax specialists throughout the United States.

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Defend the long-successful Anchorage tax cap: Vote yes on Prop 8

 On April 5, voters will be asked to decide one of the most important issues in Anchorage history — saving the very successful property tax cap from big-spending politicians who are scheming to grab even more taxes from Anchorage residents. Proposition 8 was placed on the ballot as a result of a citizen’s initiative. In just two weeks, nearly 11,000 residents signed the petition to save the tax cap. Now, the voters have a chance to join the initiative sponsors and send a clear message to the politicians — leave our tax cap alone! Read More

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